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Envy during the rise to fame:

Successfully getting other people to be envious of you increases fame...

But envy is one of the seven vices, and I don't advise that anybody try to get others to be envious because it leads those people away from peace. When envy rises, gratitude falls, so no man should seek to make another man envious, if he truly wants a virtuous society.

Making others envious of us is what pride (the vice) makes us do. Pride wants us to make ourselves into an idol that people worship.

'The devil' enters our mind and gives us the desire to become an idol, who is almost worshipped, by people who have not yet found God. This is the devil's way of taking people's attention away from Jesus.

I use Christian terminology in this post because it makes the message simple to understand, but this post can be re-written in a secular way.


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