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Since 2020 I've been really concerned about what's going on politically, but I'm gonna stop thinking about it so much now, as there's so many different perspectives and ever claim can be refuted. Every claim / opinion can be refuted in a way which the majority agree with- even this one! And this has driven me crazy... 😵‍💫 So I'm just gonna focus on building this platform and trying to help people the best I can.

I can let go of this heaviness surrounding political uncertainty by remembering that whatever happens politically, people are always gonna benefit from learning / chatting about personal development, holistic health, and spirituality.


Humility can be so important for making society run well because on the micro level, humility is what makes us say "you know what? It is a good idea for me to be quiet in libraries."

I think that many people are stuck in the teenage mindset of "who cares, I'll do whatever I want" which, despite being an important stage of psychological development, is realy selfish and annoying- and can be super destructive to society if carried into adulthood.

It's ok for teenagers to go through this stage of new independence, which sometimes goes into the "screw you" mindset, but only when there are adults who can put them back in line. Without them, society is screwed...

The other day, while I was reading a book, I started to think about all the things around me which run out: money, fuel, water, even the ink in my pens- and then I laid back randomly and my hands landed on my chest so I could feel the heart🫀beating...

"That's another thing" I thought... 🤯

If someone has done wrong to us, the virtue of patience is very important because it allows them to come to us for forgiveness.

If a wrongdoer believes that we might still be holding onto anger, they will likely avoid seeking forgiveness from us.

This is done out of survival, because deep down we know that wrath (anger) makes people act irrationally.

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