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A popular blueprint for a human's life timeline is 'be as successful as possible despite any negative effects to health, happiness, relationships, etc. so that my children will be born into a better survival situation than I was.'

But no matter how good a person's life situation is the highest pleasure will always be basking in the greatness, power, and love of God.

Both a poor monk and a rich king can dedicate their lives to God, but the king will be more distracted, more busy, and therefore less successful in learning esoteric wisdom which requires long constant meditation and unlocking higher states of consciousness.

I promised myself years ago that I would experience what it's like to live fully devoted to learning spiritual wisdom. Not from books etc. but through constant, unbroken meditation. In Taoist tradition, this is what old men would often do- go off into the woods to live their last years with God.

The world- or 'maya' in Hindu philosoohy- is the path of craziness and distraction. Constantly searching for something, being locked into the factory settings, not jailbroken.


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