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Random thought of the day: "tsunamis are a yang expression of water"...

Which is interesting because water is usually thought of as a yin element...

A popular blueprint for a human's life timeline is 'be as successful as possible despite any negative effects to health, happiness, relationships, etc. so that my children will be born into a better survival situation than I was.'

But no matter how good a person's life situation is the highest pleasure will always be basking in the greatness, power, and love of God.

Both a poor monk and a rich king can dedicate their lives to God, but the king will be more distracted, more busy, and therefore less successful in learning esoteric wisdom which requires long constant meditation and unlocking higher states of consciousness.

A key insight from a session summary:

It’s worth noting that after we turn our backs on God, we have to compensate for the loss of true peace and love that can only come from God- we build a structure of habits which gives us frequent spikes of energy throughout the day in order to simulate a happy disposition. But in between these very brief spikes of energy, the person is semi-depressed due to spiritual malnutrition.

How do you experience meditation? Oftentimes, I get practical ideas about how to approach a certain situation or ideas of new projects or new creative ideas or stuff that I need to do and forgot about..I often do some writing before and after meditation..

Today s meditation was about healing and removing the old.

Letting the new, new ground, God..whatever there is available for me here in now..


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