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Public-Speaking 🗣

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Developing our ability to communicate with many people expands our comfort, and has many real-world benefits.

Imagine being unable to confidently stick up for your child in front of a panel of the school board, or giving a vibe-lowering best man’s speech! 😳

The fear of public-speaking is perfectly natural, for two main reasons I think:

  1. Throughout humanity’s earlier years, it may have been a death-sentence to ‘mis-speak’ in front of an audience. Perhaps there we’re many thousands of years of lawlessness, allowing for anybody to physically attack you just because they don’t like you or agree with your views.

  2. Many of us developed a adversarial relationship with public-speaking in early childhood, and may not have experienced physical attacks for speaking publicly, but reading in front of the class may have been almost as worse… If we were invincible, I think we’d all take that opportunity to speak in front of the clas with both hands, and seek to entertain others, rather than to protect ourselves.


Hello there and welcome to the public-speaking group. As I...


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