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This morning I realised that I often use 'man' when speaking in my social life, and that removing this would give me much more control when speaking. It'll mean that I'll have slightly more silence in which to to think of what to say next.

So instead of "Woah that's really cool, man", and I'll remove the man and just say "Woah that's really cool"

Recorded this video for a client, but thought I'd share it here too! Key insights for anyone looking to improve their public-speaking skills. Enjoy 😃

At the end I said "and this prevents..." but the camera cut out. What I was going to say that this prevents confidence during the learning process. Sometimes it helps to 'try on' confidence during practice while we're not very competent. This gives us more control of what we're doing, which can unlock new insights and levels of skill.

Steve Ballmer has completed public-speaking:

Embracing humility is the root solution to confidence in public-speaking because it allows us to be truly ok with making mistakes. Without this ok-ness, we're walking on eggshells all the time, afraid to make mistakes.

Ideally, mistakes should be avoided but not feared... and humility which takes this fear away.

The best way to increase humility is constant self-education on the topic- Here are some good resources on humility:

Read a blogpost about humility


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