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Meditation’s effects on public-speaking

It’s important for our attention to stay in the present during a speech, because if not, our mind will likely take us and our audience to places that are irrelevant to the speech. We often access memories of the past and visualise the future the future during a speech, but doing this is most effective when we’re able to confidently bring our audience back to the present moment whenever we‘d like. It shows that we’re in control of what we’re doing which gives us credibility and shows that the mind is sharp.

A regular meditation routine of 20 minutes per day is enough to cultivate the ability to stay in the present moment and communicate confidently.

Our degree of inner confidence plays a big role in whether our message gets across or falls on deaf ears- our instincts tell us to ignore what unconfident leaders say because they’re likely gonna lead us astray if they’re unconfident.

Meditation builds inner confidence by giving us the proof that we can enjoy being with ourselves for a prolonged periods of time. Since everybody wants the ability to sit alone in a dark room for an hour and be happy, they listen intently to those who can.

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