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Copied from someone else:


Stop approaching only the wømen you perceive you'll be comfortable talking to. Find the hot intimidating ones that make the dudes who approach them stammer.

Get out of your comfort zone. Step your game up. Stand out. Hot intimidating wømen are the most unapproached group of femàles. I only say they're intimidating because that's the general mindset and perception about them.

Dudes think that they have to be 'prince charming' to get them.Thing is, their intimidating aura only filters out cowardice men from coming their way.

Show them they aren't intimidating at all and watch the magic happen. You'll be surprised.

Rappers put them in videos, rich dudes put them on yachts but you can put them in your bedroom. Gate boys and massage boys always end up sm@shing the hot master's chick. So It's never about the question of having possessions, just balls.

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