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Overcoming Anxiety

Meditation for overcoming the fear of social situations

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Service Description

Your muscles are tense, your heart is racing, you're sweating, and you feel a deep uneasiness. There's a knot in your stomach, and your head throbs. You can't think clearly. It all becomes surreal. This is a panic attack. At other times you're ok, you are functional and able to live your life, but always there is this deep uneasiness, this uncertainty, this dread without a name. If this describes an aspect of your life, you are suffering from chronic anxiety. Fear, anxious thinking, ruminating and overreacting have become the norm for you. Meditation is a tool to get at the root of this habit. Yes – it is a habit. It is possible to change that habit, and live from a place that feels secure, comfortable and flowing. It is possible to see deeply into the root of anxiety, and by seeing it clearly, it begins to melt away naturally. In this course we will find meditative techniques that suit your temperament, and help you to come back to a state of natural ease and confidence.

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