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Mindfulness, Awareness, Being

Exploring that which is eternally peaceful, but easily overlooked

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Service Description

Higher states of consciousness – or in other words, simple awareness – is at the core of all meditation. In these sessions we explore the truth directly, through intuition, a bit of rational thought, and mostly, by becoming deeply aware of the Here and Now. This is the secret elixir of life. It is the philosopher's stone. This is the Holy Grail of life. It's also dead obvious, once you see it for yourself. It's not magic, yet it is magical. It is not a thing you get from a cursory intellectual understanding- it is real, experiential, existential, deeply practical and useful- not just another theory from another book. If understood deeply, mindfulness can transform every single moment from dull and ordinary to vibrant and extraordinary. It takes you out of the mundane and into the deeply, transcendentally "ordinary," and revolutionizes your perception so that our lives can be lived in bliss.

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