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Heart Meditation

Experience new, transformative depths of love

  • 1 h
  • Online

Service Description

Inside each of us there is love. For many people, 'love' is just an empty four-letter word, but we know that we want to feel loved, that everyone wants to feel love – but we don't know how. It's a concept for these people, not a reality… By contacting the 'heart centre' in an honest, authentic way, many deep secrets of life can present themselves to us. We can feel as if we belong anywhere, and our 'purpose' in life can become clear. Our relationships can reach new depths and can become a source of mystical union and wonder. We can recognise the ancient wonder of trees, of the sky, of the mountains. Earth feels like home again. Heart meditations are powerful, so they need to be approached in a sensible way. In these sessions, we'll ground ourselves in reality, feet flat on the earth, to open our hearts to life as it is right now.

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