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Dissolving 'My' Depression

Get to the root of depression and transcend it once and for all

  • 1 hour
  • Online

Service Description

Depression is like a tapeworm, a parasite of the psyche. It feeds on your life energy, leaving you feeling lost, dull, empty and sad – often for no "real" reason at all. You keep hoping that it will go away somehow, but it keeps coming back. Why? What is chronic depression? How can we get rid of it, and contact that feeling of ease, that feeling of inner bubbling and vitality again? Through meditative techniques, as well as deep introspection, we dig into the roots of depression to see what is truly going on. We explore why depression is always "my" depression – it has its barbs stuck in the ego – the sense of self. Seeing this dissolves the ego, and along with the ego, the depression dissolves. The key here is awareness – becoming alert to the pattern that is keeping you trapped in the cycles of depression, fatigue and hopelessness. Sometimes it happens instantly. Sometimes it is a long and painful process. Together we will walk the road, and talk about the true essence of depression, and how to transcend, in order to reclaim what is naturally yours – joy.

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