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'By their fruits shall you know them' - Jesus doing public-speaking during the sermon on the mount (Matthew)

By their fruits we can tell if a person is meditating daily and deeply.

The fruits are true peace, embodiment of the seven virtues, and fewer personal questions / concerns to ask humans.

I say that fewer personal questions / concerns are asked to humans because meditation / prayer opens up a communication line with God: an infinite intelligent being that understands us completely. Eventually God becomes the source of all answers to personal / spiritual questions.

Muslims pray five times a day, and this is done so that they can keep this communication line open.

If we forget about meditation, and fall of track, gradually we become more and more sucked into the frivolities of human life. And the communication line with God slowly seals up, shutting the door behind us as we are lead out of the garden of Eden.

Here, the garden of Eden is a symbol for the peace that naturally arises from daily meditation. Life becomes like we are living in the garden of Eden, and the seven virtues are easy to uphold when meditation is daily.

Life becomes a paradise- whatever the weather!


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