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If someone has done wrong to us, the virtue of patience is very important because it allows them to come to us for forgiveness.

If a wrongdoer believes that we might still be holding onto anger, they will likely avoid seeking forgiveness from us.

This is done out of survival, because deep down we know that wrath (anger) makes people act irrationally.

So the wrongdoer might stay away from you in order to avoid being accused of more than they are guilty for.

Patience is essential for a just world, and the next time we accidentally do something bad to someone we will wish that they embody patience so we can make amends properly and avoid being at war with each other. (Both interpersonally and on a geopolitically)

Humility is essential for the wrongdoer, because without it, they will not acknowledge / own what they did. They will pretend that it doesn't matter, which causes pain for the victim.

From the smallest accident to the most purposeful crime, a truly peaceful world would surely require that each victim is patient, and each wrongdoer is humble.

"But David, this makes me angry! Each wrongdoer must be punished!"

See how this is an example of what I mentioned earlier: when victims harbour wrath, they are likely to falsely accuse. The above quote is a 'strawman' because their anger has clouded their thinking such that they think that I believe something that I don't: that wrongdoers should not be punished.

Although it seems crazy- and it is crazy- strawmanning is very common today, especially online.

And I return to the original point I wanted to share, which is that each victim will not be able to forgive the wrongdoer if they remain angry, because in order to forgive and be at peace in themselves they need the wrongdoer to come to them and ask for forgiveness.

"But I don't want to forgive them!"

I have a client meeting in a few minutes, so I shall continue this dialogue later...



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