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“There are no definitive right answers for what anyone should do. The important thing is to do something worthwhile and make adjustments as necessary.”

Random thought I had this morning that rings true..

Yeah the problem with learning about all this stuff is that we get so aware of the many different paradigms available that it becomes difficult to choose a path to stick to - but I think each person should consult themselves and have the earnestness and wisdom to know when they’re connected t what is true for them, and then ask: “what should I do in life?” “What is my purpose?”

Interestingly if we are part of a religion (one of the many paradigms available to us) we would have a blueprint for what we should do in life. But even then, not all people of the same religion agree on what a man should do.

What I am settled with is that my life should be one which has the effect of raising the levels of making people healthier because this is what seems to me to be the most well-spent and valuable life.



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