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Top tip for NoFap:

When you feel urges, play chess...

Here me out!

The true value of NoFap can only be understood by those who had enough faith / endurance to do NoFap until they felt the benefits.

Once a skeptical person feels how it feels to go 3 weeks without using adult content, they'll see the true value in it.

So it can be difficult to convince skeptics that NoFap is worth doing.

Although adult entertainment can be empowering for some, it can also be a trap for others.

The problem is that, for people who don't have a very active sex life, pornography can be an incredibly addictive stimulant.

Frequent loss of semen usually results in constant low energy for most people- they feel lethargic, and in some cases depressed.

Semen is basically liquid courage - it should not be seen as a dirty substance - it should be seen as the elixir of life, which is how ancient Taoist sages saw it.

I have a public-speaking client who has a big speech coming up, and I've challenged him to avoid any loss of the sacred fluid - I look forward to hearing from him how this makes him courageous such that he performs, instead of merely speaks.

Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali did the same before their performances 😃

One key idea related to NoFap is to not repress your feelings of attraction but just to disassociate those feelings from engaging with porn ☀️


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