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Healthy Eating

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We just had Thanksgiving in the U.S.- a holiday that is notorious as an opportunity to indulge in whatever food/drink you want and (hopefully) not feel bad about it :)

It is definitely important to have values about what you put in your body, but in a strange way it actually seems healthy to allow yourself to "go off the deep end" at times.

By doing the opposite of what is sustainable or ideal, sometimes, you can actually realize more clearly why you maintain discipline the majority of the time.

David Reynolds
David Reynolds
Nov 28, 2023

Absolutely, finding a balance between disciplined, healthy choices and occasional indulgence can be beneficial both physically and mentally.

Allowing yourself to indulge at times can provide a contrast that highlights the value of your typical disciplined choices. It's a way of acknowledging that moderation, rather than strict deprivation, is key to a sustainable lifestyle. Although there are some people (like hardcore yogis) who make the firm choice to abstain from certain foods like their lives depend on it)

The balance not only allows you to enjoy special occasions without guilt but also reinforces your commitment to a generally healthy routine. It's a nuanced approach that recognises the importance of both self-discipline and the enjoyment of life's pleasures. 👍🏼


Positive news! Was watching the news with my relatives and they were talking about stuff that I would talk about if I were on there:

This guy, who was well-dressed and well-mannered, told everybody in an authoritive way which was accepted by the news network, that almost everything in the supermarket contains some form of anti-human, pro-profit substance.

Everything was great except I wish he emphasised how eating healthily is actually incredibly cheap. This is the last man standing in the way of millions of people eating healthier - they need to realise that the cheapest foods in the supermarket are broccoli, rice, mushrooms- whole foods!

Alex Duerre
Alex Duerre
Aug 29, 2023

Okay nice. I'm yet to see a news story about that out in the USA- but that could just be because I almost never watch the news 😂

@Aleksej Torschin yeah you're right organic produce is typically more expensive than non-organic. However, in your overall shopping cart, if you cut out extraneous stuff that's processed (like different packaged snacks and expensive alcoholic drinks) and replaced it with more organic food or just didn't buy them, you could make up that difference.

I definitely don't stick to this 100% of the time but it can work well.


There is a lot of complexity one can dig into with regards to nutrition, but it seems like just sticking to some basic principles is all that's truly needed to be able to have balance in your lifestyle- especially if you're a pretty young person and don't have any serious health conditions.

This is, for example, what I do my best to stick to everyday as a foundation for staying at least somewhat balanced 😉

-Hydrating first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Hydration helps with metabolism, detoxification, and more..


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