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Sa. 05 Mrt.


via Zoom

Morning Meditation Practice 🧘🏻

Developing the ability to be at peace with who we are, how we feel, & how life is in the present moment

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Morning Meditation Practice 🧘🏻
Morning Meditation Practice 🧘🏻

Time & Location

05 Mrt. 2022 06:00 – 07:00 GMT

via Zoom

About the event

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"If we can’t be happy doing nothing, we can’t truly be happy doing anything."

Our aim is simply to practice being at peace with who we are, how we feel, and however life appears to us in the present moment. 

Guidance / Instructions:

Let me know if you'd like to be guided to the Self and I'll happily guide everyone during the first 10 or 20 minutes. Then our task is simply to remain there and to soak in the love. 

You're welcome to practice your own style of meditation / prayer during this hour, but if you'd like something to follow:

Start by focusing the mind on the breath and breathe slowly and deeply. Regardless of what is happening in the world or the mind, identify with the witness of experience rather than with any part of experience, with the intention to know the nature of this witness, which is pure peace, and the part of us which cannot be removed.

During this simple but powerful style of meditation, it doesn’t matter what happens in the world or the mind during meditation as our task is to simply to remain the witness of it all. If you'd like a mantra to focus on, make it this: 'What is aware of suffering cannot suffer.'

For in-depth explanations of interesting insights about meditation, as waell as answers to FAQs, please visit the Inspiration Paradise Forum on the website or app.

(Some!) benefits of regular meditation practice:

  • Regular meditation practice gradually liberates the mind from negative thoughts & emotions as the subconscious mind adjusts to new insights, giving our higher mind more space to take control when necessary and make better life choices
  • Regular meditation helps to weaken addiction, strengthen self-control, and improve our overall health & wellbeing.
  • Regular meditation has helped to empower millions of people to live free of an overactive amygdala so they can enjoy creating their ideal life.

Consciousness never leaves- as long as there is experience- and it's nature is absolutely peaceful like the screen of a movie. Habitual identification with the mind and body is what allows us to forget our peaceful essence. Through regular, silent meditation, we re-assert and maintain our identification as the peaceful witness of experience. 🧘🏻

Hope to see you soon,

David Reynolds 🙏🏼

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